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Welcome to Year 1 / 2!

Mrs Hayley Mawson and Mrs Jo Rouston




WB: Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents,


We hope you are all well and have had a good week. Thank you again for the photos and messages, we enjoy seeing what the children are up to at home. Maybe the children would like to write an email to us at the end of their learning week to show us what they have been doing? 


Daily Maths and English lessons

We have reposted the links for Oak National below. Please remember that we are now on Week 4 (dated 11th May).

Any extra multiplication tables work (such as TTRS or Numbots) would be helpful. Remember to access free reading resources online, teach your monster to read and oxford owl have e-books for the children to read. 


Supplementary Work

If you would like some extra work, we have uploaded some learning ideas to honour the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale's birth  below.



We aim to call or email everyone in the class by the end of this week. Please be aware that if you are called by a withheld number, it might be us. 


Thank you, 


Take care.

Mrs Mawson and Mrs Rouston. 


  •  Year 1 week 4 of Oak National Home learning 
  • Year 2 Week 4 of Oak National Home Learning


Topic work - Florence Nightingale

Monday 11th May 


Dear Parents and Children, 


We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, enjoyed the sunshine and had some fun VE day celebrations with your family.  I wonder if any of you had a tea party in your front garden, or made bunting to decorate your house?  Did you manage to spend some time thinking about what life was like during and at the end of the second world war?


We have really liked talking to you all over the last couple of weeks, it has been great to hear your voices and to find out about the things that you have been up to.  We are really very proud of you all and the work that you are doing at home - keep up the good work.  We look forward to catching up with you again soon over the next few weeks. 


This week we would like you to carry on with the Oak Academy work (you will now be working on week 3 on their website), the link is found below.  There is also a link to the phonics letters and sounds video lessons which would be good to look at to support the children's phonics learning (you will need to work on lessons 6-10 this week). 


Don't forget to spend some time on TTRS and Numbots this week to keep up those mental maths skills.  Remember there are some great games on the Topmarks website as well.  You played on one to help learn your number bonds for homework at the beginning of the academic year, but you can search for games to help with the learning on any skills on there, please find the link for the webiste below.  The Phonicsplay website is another good one to explore to find games to help with phonics learning - we use this one in school a lot so the children will know the games well.  Don't forget BBC Bitesize is there to support and extend any other learning you are doing at home as well.  And for something a bit different, you might like to look at the Maddie Moate videos on Youtube.  These are fantastic daily videos about science and the world around us.  This week is Oceans week so if you are interested in finding out more about the oceans and ocean life take a little look.  


We hope you have a good week,

Take care and stay safe, 


Mrs Rouston and Mrs Mawson





Monday 4th May 2020


Dear Parents and Children,

It was lovely to speak to you all this week. We will be swapping over our lists and ringing again this week so that we have had chance to speak to everyone! 

Thank you to those who have sent emails with photos of the children and the work they have produced, we love seeing what they have been doing and how happy they are. Well done for your brilliant instructions you have sent in too!


Daily Maths and English lessons

We will be continuing with the Oak National Academy resources. Please remember that we are now on Week 2 (dated 27th April).

Any extra maths/multiplication tables work (TTRS or Numbots) and listening to your child read would be brilliant.


Year 1 Phonics 

Year 1 and Year 2 that continue with Phonics lessons. Please access phonics lessons through letters and sounds Youtube resources. You will find lessons taught by teachers. Please start these at lesson 1 this week.

Please complete lessons 1-5. 


V.E Day!

This year, the first bank holiday in May has been moved from the Monday to Friday the 8th May to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  I have uploaded some resources below if you would like to celebrate this day at home!


Guess Who Competition!

There are details for a 'Staff Guess Who' competition below where you can learn some interesting facts about the staff at South Hykeham Community Primary School! You need to match up the fact to the staff member you think it is about. There is a prize for the winning family. Please email your answers to Miss Stephens by Sunday 10th May if you would like to enter! :)



We hope you have a lovely week!

Stay Safe,

Mrs Mawson and Mrs Rouston.


Guess Who Staff Competition

Year 1/2 Home  learning 27th April - 1st May

Thank you all for your continued support with home learning.  We have had some more lovely emails this week showing us some of the work you have been doing at home, we are really proud of you all, you are doing brilliantly! 


Maths and English home learning

As per Mr Richardson's letter at the end of last week we will now be using the Oak Academy resources as the core of our home learning.  Please find the links below to the relevant year group.  Please start from week 1 (which is dated 20th April) so that you start from the beginning of the materials.  If you have any problems or questions about this please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.  There are 3 lessons every day on the Oak Academy site (one English, one Maths and one other suject), which should be plenty to keep the children going, but if you feel your child needs more then you could also explore the BBC Bitesize lessons and spend time on Phonics play, Topmarks and of course TTRS and Numbots.  Please note though that it is the Oak Academy daily lessons that we would like you to use as core learning from now on. 


Keeping in touch

Don't forget to email us if you have any questions or problems or you want to show us any of the work the children have been doing at home - we love it when you share pictures with us!  From this week we will also be phoning each of you.   Mrs Rouston will phone half of the class and Mrs Mawson the other half and then we will swap over next week, so we will both get chance to speak to all of you over the next two weeks - we are really looking forward to catching up with you all. 



This Friday is Pyjamarama day - please see the attached document for more information. 


We hope you are all keeping well and busy and are looking after each other

Mrs Rouston and Mrs Mawson


Year 1/2: Home learning 20th April - 24th April 


Dear Parents,

We hope you and your families have all had a wonderful Easter break! We have loved hearing from some of the children through email, positivity messages and photographs. If you would like to contact us then our email addresses are (Monday-Wednesday) and (Wednesday-Friday )


Daily Maths and English Lessons

Below you will find a week’s worth of English and Maths Lessons for your child’s year group. Please try to do these lessons in order, as they follow on from each other. I would also limit your child to doing no more than one English and one Maths lesson per day to ensure they aren’t doing too much.


Please remember to take a look at the BBC learning resources available from this week. These will be available on the BBC i player or red interactive button.


Thank you, 


Mrs Mawson and Mrs Rouston. 






Happy Easter Year 1 and 2!

As it is now the Easter Holidays, we are not setting Maths and English work for you to do every day.  However, we have added some ideas for activities you could do at home  - these are completely optional and are only there if you want to do them. There are also two school Easter competitions running if you want to have a go at them and be in with a chance of winning. 


We are really missing you all but have loved seeing the photos and reading the messages that some of you have sent in  - keep them coming, they make us really happy.   


We hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoying the extra time with your families.

Mrs Rouston and Mrs Mawson



Home Learning 30th March 2020


Hello year one and two. We hope you are all well and enjoying time with your family at home. 

This weeks home learning is set out underneath the date we would like you to do your work. 


If you would like to do more activities then don't forget to go on numbots or TTRS (year 2) to do more maths work. Topmarks has some great maths games online which cover most areas of Maths. 


There are numerous free resources at the moment online, Oxford Owl is free to sign up to and has free online books to read that will match the level that your child is working at. Teach your monster to read is also another free resource. 

Year one please remember to visit phonicsplay too. Recap all of phase 5 sounds. Try to do some real and nonsense word reading every day if you are in year one or if you are in year two still continuing phonics lessons in class. 


Year two have their spellings set out for 6 weeks. Remember to spend two weeks learning your first set spellings and then get a grown up to test you. 


Try to keep active! Joe wicks P.E. lessons are brilliant as is cosmic kids yoga with Jamie (youtube).


There are more home learning ideas on the 'learning for all' section on the homepage.


We would love to see what you are up to at home so please feel free to email us and tell us what you are doing or send us some photos of your work,


Stay safe and keep smiling, 


Mrs Mawson and Mrs Rouston.



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