Tidy Class Trophy

Mrs Rouston's and Mrs Mawson's Class

Best Class Attendance

Miss Stephens's Class, Miss Heath's Class and Mrs Disdel's Class

Who's Who

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Staff List


Headteacher: Mr John Richardson

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Sally Hillier (also teaches our Reception Class)

Teaching Staff:
Mrs Hayley Mawson/Mrs Jo Rouston – Year 1 Classteachers

Miss Alex Thornhill - Year 2 Classteacher

Miss Sarah Stephens - Year 3 Classteacher
Miss Verity Heath – Year 4 /5 Classteacher (Mrs Jones is currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Nicky Disdel – Year 5 / 6 Classteacher

Administrative Staff:

Mrs Sue Hill – Senior Administrator

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Karen Stevenson – Reception class

Mrs Sarah Okur – Year 1  Class
Mrs Caroline Lupton and Mrs Sian Fairweather  – Year 2 Class
Mrs Vicky Munnery and Mrs Gill Raczynski – Year 3 Class
Mrs Tracey Read – Year 4 / 5 Class
Mrs Kim Page – Year 5 / 6 Class

Midday Staff
Mrs Tracey Pead – Midday Controller
Miss Amber Graham – Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Emily Richardson - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Sandra Williamson - Relief Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Georgina Stockley - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Karen Stevenson - Play Coordinator

Mrs Caroline Lupton - Play Coordinator

Caretaker: Our Caretaking and Cleaning is carried out by CSG Commercial Cleaning Services