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Thank you so much for the messages and photos you have sent so far – it so lovely to hear from you and see what you have been doing. Please keep them coming!

We hope that you have been getting on OK with the Home Learning activities so far. We also hope that you have been enjoying taking part in lots of different types of learning activities at home too, as well as enjoying lots of family time.

As it is now the Easter holidays, the one thing we ask of you is to enjoy the holidays and all of the chocolate you get as much as you possibly can! Over the next two weeks, there will be no formal English and Maths home learning activities but we have attached an optional Easter activities sheet, which has some ideas of fun things for you to do, if you would like to. THESE ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL SO YOU COULD DO JUST ONE OR TWO OF THEM, ALL OF THEM OR NONE AT ALL IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COMPLETE BREAK.

Happy Easter and enjoy all of your eggs!

Miss Stephens and Mrs Howells




Dear Year 5,

We miss you! It’s really strange not being in school with you all but we hope that you are enjoying learning at home and spending more time with your families. Most importantly, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe. We’ll hopefully be back together soon!


This week, we have set out maths and English activities for you to work through each day.

For maths, each day has a different learning outcome, which has some learning reminders to teach you first. Then you can choose from a ‘mild’ or ‘hot’ practice activity and there is some extra practice if you would like it. If you are a bit stuck, there is an activity to help you through it and there is also an activity that asks you to problem solve and reason about the day’s learning outcome, to check if you have mastered the outcome. All answers are included for you to check your work. We have also included a problem solving activity, similar to those you complete on a Monday, and the Fluent in 5 that we would have been doing this week as many of you seemed keen to have this before we closed but these are optional! Don’t forget that you have access to TTRS too.


For English, each day has a text focus and then a SPaG activity, followed by a writing activity. Each day also has some extra tasks if you would like to do more on your chosen activity. Again, answers are provided where needed. There is also a weekly spelling pattern and we have provided an extra reading comprehension if you would like to do it.

There are lots of other learning and project ideas on the ‘Learning for All’ part of the website (under the class pages heading) and we have included some topic ideas specific to our class for this week too. We have also created a personalised Year 5 word search for you to help find each other again!


The more that you can complete the better and the daily maths and English activities would be great but please don’t worry about not being able to complete everything that has been posted here – we have tried to provide lots of different options to suit the different types of things that you each like to do so pick so choose what works for you on each day. If you have any problems at all, please email and we will help. Also, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to so feel free to send us any work or photos.


Take care,

Big virtual hugs,

Miss Stephens and Mrs Howells



Dear Year 5 Parents,

I have provided six maths activity sheets and six SPaG activity sheets. Please aim to complete one of each, each day. Each worksheet is differentiated by ability (1 star = easiest, 3 stars = hardest). As the Spring term is not complete, there may be some activities that we haven't managed to cover yet (e.g. measures and shape activities) but you could give them a try and there are answers provided so you can see how you might have worked it out. Please don't worry if you are unable to understand any parts we haven't covered yet - it would just be useful if you could start to look at some of the things that are ahead in Year 5.

In addition, this week’s Fluent in 5 is provided, which also has the answers so that you can check your work and this week’s spelling pattern ‘ibly’ with the activity sheets we have completed in class.


I have also included some Space Challenge activities, which you might like to try.

For a longer project, please research the British astronaut Tim Peake. You could produce a PowerPoint, a poster or a booklet about him.

Please also ensure that you are practising your multiplication tables (Don't forget we have access to TTRS) and reading your school reading book (or home reading books) daily.


Take care!


Miss Stephens & Mrs Howells

World Book Day homework 5.3.20

Homework 7.11.19 - homophones & TTRS competition

Homework 3.10.19 (Poetry competition - 2 weeks)