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Easter Holiday (3rd April 2020 - 19th April 2020)

I have loved hearing about some of your home learning activities that have been taking place.  It sounds like many of you have been very busy.  It is now time for a break from set work on English and Maths and a time for you to enjoy yourselves!


I have added an optional set of ideas that you may use if you are looking for something to do as well as details of two Easter competitions.  Edison has kept me busy this week with Easter arts and crafts: making collage chicks, painting patterns and cutting them out to look like Easter eggs and by making finger print chicks, we finished our Easter activities today with some (whatever-we-could-find-in-the-cupboard) baking.  Why not get creative at home if you find yourself with nothing to do with some Easter activities for the whole family or by making a card for someone in your house?  You could always take a picture of your work to send to someone over Easter weekend. Please remember these are only ideas, there is no set work this week- relax and have fun! 


Have a lovely Easter,


Mrs Jones



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Week 2

Home Learning


Dear parents,

This week I have uploaded maths work relating to addition.  Over the week there are a range of challenges that involve problem solving, these are split into different challenges for your child to choose which one they are comfortable completing.  Tuesday’s maths however is not split into challenges, the questions get progressively trickier in the addition problems so children can stop when they are unable to complete any more.  If your child struggles to access the challenges you could continue to work on their addition skills, this could be through:

  • Rolling a dice 8 times to create two 4 digit numbers to add,
  • Giving children the answer to see how many addition questions they could create (for example:

Your answer is 2,345.  What could the question be?  1445 + 900,  1267 + 1078 etc)

  • Write numbers on pieces of paper and turn these over.  Add the numbers you turn over.

English work covers a range of grammar, writing and reading skills through interpreting and predicting information from an image.  Please use the questions as discussion points- children do not need to record something for each question, I would recommend children only recording the longer writing task.  If your child is unable to access the work, they could use the image as inspiration for Free Writing (where children can write in any genre- narrative, poem, recount, reports) following their imagination.

In addition, there are spellings and a multiplication pack. I aim to upload a different multiplication focus and set of spellings each week.  There is also a rocket design task which can be used at any point of home learning.

Any questions (or to just let me know what you have been doing), please email me.



Reading Plus

Year 4 currently have access to Reading Plus (we are allowed one class as a trial group) a program which works on reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The children will be able to select a text that interests them from a range of catergories (for example: sport, history, animals etc), they will then read the text through a guided window to develp reading fluency before answering questions to move onto the next stage.

Reading Plus will analyse results so texts and speed will be appropriate for the child’s ability, this will also be sent to me so I can see how brilliantly everyone is doing. I will hopefully be able to send you messages as you complete levels on the program. 

Reading plus can be used as an extra activity, as part of your reading or you may even choose to make it your English for the day and take a break from the daily tasks set.  This is just another avenue to look into while you are learning from home, please do not add any extra pressure to your learning by thinking this must be completed.  We will use it properly when we are back in school. 

Everyone in Year  4 has an individual username and password set for them, if you would like to have a copy of this please email me ( and I will send the details.

What Reading Plus have to say:

 Reading Plus not only assesses efficiency, but also measures and increases motivation and comprehension. Students are given choice and control to practice at their own pace with a program that uses adaptive technology in a truly meaningful way.

Take care,

Mrs Jones







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