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Information about Special Educational Needs Provision at our School


Children who have identified Special Educational Needs are supported at our school by their teacher and support assistants and their provision is overseen by our Special Needs Co-ordinator (Senco), Mrs Sally Hillier. Mrs Hillier is currently studying on the accredited course for Special Needs Co-ordinators.


All staff have knowledge of a range of Special Educational Needs and have experience of supporting children with additional needs. Where appropriate staff are trained on how to support particular needs e.g. dyscalculia and the needs of children on the autistic spectrum.

Where children are working at the School Action Plus stage of the Special Needs Code of Practice, they are supported by a teacher from the Learning Support Service who is trained to specifically support children with a variety of additional needs and assess how best they can be supported in the classroom. This teacher advises us on how to teach children with particular barriers to their learning.

The school has a Special Educational Needs funding allowance of £47,920. This is used to support children at all stages of the Special Needs Code of Practice including 1:1 support for children with Statements of Special Educational Needs and the costs of Learning Support teaching.


Please look at the policies tab to find our Equality and diversity policy which includes our policy for Special Educational Needs. If you require any further information please contact Mr Richardson (Headteacher) or Mrs Hillier (Senco).